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Face_recognitionApril 23, 2018: SCIPP Member, Professor Joel Primack, in the UCSC News: "Face recognition for galaxies: Artificial intelligence brings new tools to astronomy: A 'deep learning' algorithm trained on images from cosmological simulations has been surprisingly successful at classifying real galaxies in Hubble images".
Bruce Schumm Congratulations to SCIPP Member, Physics Professor, and Project Lead, Bruce Schumm, for the Winter/Spring 2018 Launchpad grant award! Prof. Schumm, and fellow PI's Simone Mazza and Hartmut Sadrozinski, applied for funding for their project Radiation Hardened AC-Ultra-Fast Silicon Detector (UFSD) through "Launchpad" which is part of the UC Santa Cruz SPLICE program, funded by the State of California Assembly Bill (AB) 2664 innovation and entrepreneurship program.
Masterclass18  Looking forward to our annual QuarkNet LHC Masterclass this Saturday, March 17th!
c.johnson.fermi February 21, 2018: SCIPP/Physics Graduate Student, Christian Johnson, quoted in the UCSC News about the recent paper, Novel search strategy advances the hunt for primordial black holes. Also, be sure to check out his Grad Slam Presentation: Searching for Primordial Black Holes !
alexie February 15, 2018: SCIPPer and UCSC Astronomer, Alexie Leauthaud, wins Sloan Research Fellowship!
ATLAS December 18, 2017: Two new ATLAS news releases that feature exciting results from our SCIPP ATLAS group including SCIPP Members Prof. Mike Hance, and Graduate Student Sheena Schier!
Squeezing sleptons at the LHC and Searching for supersymmetric Higgs bosons on the compressed frontier
Tesla_DES December 11, 2017: SCIPP Member, UCSC Professor Tesla Jeltema, in the news with a UCSC News article: Physicist Tesla Jeltema probes the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy. Jeltema has a leading role in the Dark Energy Survey, a major international collaboration that is gathering precise measurements of the evolution of cosmic structure.
Terry Schalk November 20, 2017: SCIPP Member and UCSC Physics Adjunct Professor Emeritus, Terry Schalk, elected 2017 AAAS Fellow! Congratulations, Terry!
hawc ScienceNews article, "Excess antielectrons aren't from nearby dead stars, study says The finding keeps open the possibility that the particles come from dark matter" from observations from the High-Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory, or HAWC, released today! SCIPP member, Michael Schneider, spends much of his time in the field at the High-Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory, or HAWC. The news was widely distributed! (Link to all press releases here)

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