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admxCongratulations to SCIPP Member, Professor Michael Dine, who has been selected as a 2018 recipient, together with Ann Nelson, of the APS Sakurai Prize "for groundbreaking explorations of physics beyond the standard model of particle physics, including their seminal joint work on dynamical super-symmetry breaking, and for their innovative contributions to a broad range of topics, including new models of electroweak symmetry breaking, baryogenesis, and solutions to the strong charge parity problem."  Michael adds, "I am very gratified at being included in this illustrious group, which includes, of course, our own Howard Haber." (SCIPP Member, Professor Howard Haber, was a 2017 recipient of the APS Sakurai Prize.) The prize will be presented at the APS April Meeting on Sunday April 15.
atlas25th2October 1, 2017: ATLAS celebrates its 25th anniversary! Discover the history of the Collaboration and join the celebration with SCIPP!
atlasATLAS hunts for new physics with dibosons. Article in CERN Courier includes work done at SCIPP by SCIPPers Natasha Woods, Hass AbouZeid, and Professor Mike Hance!
PriyasrhymersSCIPPers swim for charity: On Saturday, 9/16, twenty-one SCIPPers, ex-SCIPPers and their families participated in two teams in the annual Aquathon to raise awareness and funds for Abilities United, the not-for-profit agency that provides services to children and adults with developmental and physical disabilities. Our A-team, the Physics Aqua-Slugs, swam 104 laps and placed second overall, leaving many "professional" teams in its wake. Our team "Priya's Rhymers" excelled in the following BBQ.
TWEPP17What a great conference we hosted at SCIPP/UC Santa Cruz this week. In collaboration with CERN, TWEPP-17 was a success! Thank you to all participants!
patentHACongratulations to SCIPP Members, Hartmut Sadrozinski(UCSC), Abraham Seiden (UCSC), and Nicolo Cartiglia (INFN Torino), awarded US Patent No. 9,613,993 B2, granted Apr. 4, 2017 for "Segmented AC-coupled readout from continuous collection electrodes in semiconductor sensors"!
pCT_roomSCIPP Member and Physics Department Chair Robert Johnson, in the news again with a new article in "Physicists Try to Revive a Super-Safe, Decades-Old Cancer Treatment"!
protonctSCIPP Member and Physics Department Chair Robert Johnson, in the news with the pCT (Proton Computed Tomography/proton CT) Project!
ATLAS_17_smThe Large Hadron Collider at CERN has restarted after its Extended Year-End Shutdown.  The ATLAS experiment captured first collisions on May 23.
AguirreSCIPP Member, Professor Anthony Aguirre, to be honored for his appointment as endowed chair in physics of information!
primackDecember 2016: Just announced! SCIPP Member and Distinguished Professor, Joel Primack, has been elected as President-elect of Sigma Xi. Congratulations Joel!
alanNovember 2016: SCIPP Member, Alan Litke, part of a team of ATLAS collaborators who developed a system that can record the neural activity of retinal cells. Inspired by the silicon microstrip detector technology employed in ATLAS, the team created an advanced multi-electrode array system that can simultaneously record the neural activity of hundreds of the retinal output (ganglion) cells. Full story: ATLAS Outreach at CERN.
higgs thumbNovember 2016: Article published this morning on the Symmetry Magazine website, entitled, "Q&A: What more can we learn about the Higgs?", in which four physicists, one of which is SCIPP Member Howard Haber, discuss Higgs boson research since the discovery with Angela Anderson of Symmetry Magazine (a joint Fermilab/SLAC publication). 

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