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David Williams thumb imageJuly 17, 2019: Breakthrough Listen launches new optical search with VERITAS Telescope Array! SCIPP physicist David Williams will help lead effort using four 12-meter telescopes to search for nanosecond flashes of light from extraterrestrial civilization.
Roger_thumbJune 9, 2019: SCIPP Members Prof. Robert Johnson and Grad Student Sarah Mechbal launched AESOP-Lite in May 2018. Just released is a short movie of Roger the Koala making his stratospheric journey in hopes of finding the ubiquitous cosmic rays. Music by SCIPP graduate student Sarah Mechbal, and her band Salmon Hammock.
dine_thumbMay 31, 2019: SCIPP member and Physics Professor Michael Dine joins panel on string theory at World Science Festival!
WADC May 1, 2019: SCIPP Graduate students Jacob Pasner and Duncan Wood joined a group of 68 Particle Physicists from collaborations across the United States to advocate to Congress for continued support of the field. The diverse group included representatives from the USLUA, SLAC and Fermilab and was able to contact all 538 offices of Congress to deliver the funding ask of the Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel (P5).
DESI_thumb April 3, 2019: SCIPP Member, and UCSC Astronomy/Astrophysics Professor, Constance Rockosi, quoted in two articles as the DESI/Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument lenses see first light! LBL article,"Dark Energy Instrument's Lenses See the Night Sky for the First Time", and Symmetry Magazine article"DESI lenses see first light"!
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