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abe_atlasSCIPP physicist and founding director Abe Seiden has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the US ATLAS Collaboration. The award, which recognizes outstanding service to ATLAS and/or US ATLAS sustained over many years, was announced on June 27 at the ATLAS Week meeting in New York City.
The award citation reads as follows: "Abe has been Level 3 manager for Si strips, Level 2 manager for the entire Si system, and a long-time promoter of silicon tracking as well as leader of SCIPP and its significant ATLAS involvement. Abe went on to devote tremendous time and effort to the US program of R&D towards ATLAS upgrades."
kfirKfir Dolev, an undergraduate researcher at SCIPP, wins prestigious Goldwater Scholarship.
ATLASThe May edition of the CERN courier has the updated ATLAS root s plot with our new W,Z@13TeV results! SCIPP contributors are Graduate Student Alexander Law, Postdoctoral Researcher Chiara Debenedetti, and Professor Jason Nielsen.
primack SCIPPer Joel Primack to receive the 2016 Leo Szilard Lectureship Award.
prp March14, 2016: SCIPP members of Particle Physics, Astronomy, and Astrophysics teams, mentioned in the list of Science Team members of The Pacific Research Platform Awarded CENIC's 2016 Innovations in Networking Award for Experimental Applications.
veritasResearch of SCIPP Members Jonathan Biteau, Caitlin Johnson and David Williams highlighted in UCSC News: "Gamma rays from distant galaxy tell story of an escape New observations from VERITAS and other telescopes advance understanding of blazars as cosmic accelerators and as beacons for gamma-ray cosmology"
prp Researchers at SCIPP will benefit from a new ultra-high-speed communications network funded by the National Science Foundation. (New York Times article)
atlas_thumbSCIPP Members at CERN working on ATLAS... "Setting Off To New Energy Horizons"

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