ATALS veritas prp
veritasResearch of SCIPP Members Jonathan Biteau, Caitlin Johnson and David Williams highlighted in UCSC News: "Gamma rays from distant galaxy tell story of an escape New observations from VERITAS and other telescopes advance understanding of blazars as cosmic accelerators and as beacons for gamma-ray cosmology"
prp Researchers at SCIPP will benefit from a new ultra-high-speed communications network funded by the National Science Foundation. (New York Times article)
atlas_thumbSCIPP Members at CERN working on ATLAS... "Setting Off To New Energy Horizons"
LCHSCIPPers, Abraham Seiden, Howard Haber, Jason Nielsen, and Stefano Profumo
quoted in Santa Cruz Sentinel News and San Jose Mercury News articles regarding the re-start of the LHC.

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Updated: December 17, 2015