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DESI_thumb April 3, 2019: SCIPP Member, and UCSC Astronomy/Astrophysics Professor, Constance Rockosi, quoted in two articles as the DESI/Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument lenses see first light! LBL article,"Dark Energy Instrument's Lenses See the Night Sky for the First Time", and Symmetry Magazine article"DESI lenses see first light"!
gradslam Congratualtions to SCIPP Grad Student, Ben Lehmann, for winning a place as one of the 10 finalists in the UCSC Grad Slam! Come support Ben at the UCSC Grad Slam which takes place on Friday, March 8, 5:30-8:00pm at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center.
SCIPP OutreachFriday, February 1, 2019: SCIPP Outreach in the QuarkNet Friday Flyer! Spotlight on the SCIPP University of California Santa Cruz QuarkNet Center SCIPP is the Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics, the particle physics research institute at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Their main work in QuarkNet in the past few years has been to run great ATLAS masterclasses. The "SCIPP center" is headed up by mentor Jason Nielsen and administrator Vicki Johnson. Teachers in the group participate in many ways, including those masterclasses. Last November, SCIPP center teacher Jonathan Rockman lead his students in World Wide Data Day.
pasner SCIPP Member, Jacob Pasner, in Symmetry Magazine: The farmer physicist: A graduate student looks for belonging inside and outside academia, 01/22/19 By Sarah Charley.
daw_thumb SCIPP Member, David A. Williams, in the UCSC News: Scientists to inaugurate a new type of gamma ray telescope at Whipple Observatory The prototype Schwarzschild-Couder Telescope (pSCT) is designed as a pathfinder telescope for the Cherenkov Telescope Array.
Jacob PasnerCongratulations to SCIPP Grad Student, Jacob Pasner, for his winning lightning round talk at this year's USLUA meeting! A brief statement from Jacob: I'm very excited for the opportunity to represent SCIPP and ATLAS this coming March as a particle physics advocate to US congress representatives. I'd like to thank the USLUA for offering me this opportunity, my advisor Dr. Jason Nielsen for his continuing support and Dr. Giordon Stark for nominating me to give this Lightning Round Talk.
cern_starkOctober 19, 2018: SCIPP Member, Giordon Stark, was quoted in a recent write-up about CERN!
haber_apsSeptember 17, 2018: SCIPP Member and UCSC Physics Professor, Howard E. Haber, APS Physics Viewpoint: Higgs Decay into Bottom Quarks Seen at Last. Two CERN experiments have observed the most probable decay channel of the Higgs boson—a milestone in the pursuit to confirm whether this remarkable particle behaves as physicists expect.
eventAugust 28, 2018: SCIPP Members, and LHC scientists detect Higgs bosons decaying into bottom quarks! See the UCSC News item here: UC Santa Cruz physicists made important contributions to the discovery, which confirms the fate of the vast majority of all Higgs bosons produced in the LHC
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