PC to VME interface

The interface between a PC and the VME bus is done by a a PCI-VME 8000 from National Instrruments. It consists of two cards. One resides in the PCI-bus of the PC the other one in the VME-crate (slot 0, but i don't know if it has to be in 0). Both cards are connected by a cable. We are running Windows NT.

Set up (once)

The NI interface comes with various software and interactive tools. The first step is to let the interface know that there is a DSP in the VME-crate and which memory space it is using.

Running the interface from a program

The VXIinit and Resman programs have to be run, before the VXI-library functions can be called from a program.

  1. run VXIinit
  2. run Resman
  3. run your program

VXIedit settings used in SC

The following table lists the setting in the VXIedit (Non VXI Device Configuration Editor)

Option Value
Device Name DSP
PseudoLA 310
Mfr Name UCI
Mfr ID FF1
Device Class MEM
In System? YES
ModuleName dsp
Module No 1
Frame 1
Slot 3
A16Base 0
A16Size 0
A24Base 80000
A24Size 10000
A32Base 0
A32Size 0
Interrupter Level 7
Interrupter Handler none

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