H8 Beam Test of Binary Modules

(July 10 to August 7, 1996)

Author: Riko Wichmann
This page was created March 19, 1996, last modified March 19,1996

Status and Need


Type FEE/Irr Irrad. Det. Provider Status Tests
r- CAFE LBL rm, b, n, hi
r- CAFE p LBL (ATT4) exists rm, b, n, hi
r- CAFE/Irr p LBL rm, b, n, hi
r- LBIC UCSC (UCSC2) exists rm, b, n, hi
r-/K CAFE/LBIC UCSC-KEK rm, b, n, hi
z 2 CAFE p Geneva rm, b, n, hi
z 12 LBIC Geneva/UCSC n


rm rotation with magnet ON/OFF
b bias scan
n noise occupancy scan with varying bias
hi high intensity bias scan

Test will entail a full threshold scan for every point of operation. To test some of the new ideas, we will try more and lower thresholds ( .7, .8, .9 ...).

Beam Time and Running Mode

July 10 to 17 Magnet ON/OFF
July 17 to 31 Parasitic
July 31 to August 7 Magnet ON/OFF

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