Author: Wilko
This page was created August 16, 1995, last modified September 25, 1996

Irradiation of a Silicon Strip Detector
up to 10^15 mips/cm^2


55 MeV/c protons provided by the 88'' cyclotron at LBNL


The total fluence was 5 * 10^14 protons/cm^2, equivalent to a nonionizing energy loss (NEL) of 10^15 mips/cm^5. The detector response was measured after different fluences using a Ruthenium source. After 2.5 * 10^12, 1.0 * 10^13, 5.0 * 10^13 and 5.0 * 10^14 protons/cm^2 the detector response was measured with a Ruthenium telescope.


Hamamatsu double sided strip detector. Thickness: 300 µm, pitch: 50 µ

FEE, Readout

The detector is readout using the LBIC amplifier-comparator chip and the CDP64 pipeline. The CDP64 is readout by the VME based DRS.


Results can also be found in two preprints:
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