Beam Tests at KeK

Author: Riko Wichmann
This page was created November 28, 1995, last modified November 30, 1995


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Two beam test were performed with the same set of four double sided AC-coupled silicon microstrip detectors. On each side of the detectors 128 channels were bonded to a LBIC amplifier chip and CDP64 digital pipeline chips. The beam tests were carried out in June 1994 and February 1995 at KeK.
The device under test (DUT board 0) was irradiated with 8*10^12 protons/cm^2 in the 450 MeV proton beam at TRIUMPH in March 1994. A second irradiation with a non-uniformly beam spot was performed in December 1994 with 55 MeV proton at the LBL cyclotron. The total fluence along the strips varied therefore from 5*10^13 proton/cm^2 to less then 10^13 protons/cm^2.

Beam Tests

More informations about the (past and future) beam tests at KeK are available in the KeK beam test page.

Results & Discussions

The calibration data were analysed in Santa Cruz and the calibration parameter and noise values of the DUT were extracted for:

More Links

Data analysis of the beamtests was also done at KeK:

More data about this detector board 0 are available from measurements obtained at the SCIPP labs regarding the influence of the radiaton damage on the detectors performance:

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