Author: Wilko
This page was created July 1, 1996, last modified July 1, 1996

Transistor Testing

Testing of Chips

Software Structure

Most of the programs described above are written in C on the Macintosh using ThinkC. On each of the Mac's there is a folder, Cdevelopment on the desktop which contains everything that belongs to ThinkC. Programs which are used by many applications are put in the ThinkC-folder for example: the programs to talk to GPIB, user functions for opening of files and directory pathes. Special user programs should not be put in the Cdevelopment folder, but in the local folder of a user or in the folder ProgramC where most of the common programs are found. It could be that not all Mac`s have the same lib, or are not up to date. Be careful when you copy programs from one Mac to another. Make sure that you don't overwrite the newest version. It is also a good idea to up date the programs you changed on all the Mac's.

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