Recent Publications of the Silicon Group at SCIPP

Author: Riko Wichmann
This page was created November 14, 1995, last modified September 18, 1997

Here is a list of recent publications of the Silicon group. This list is not complete but will be updated regularily. If you are interested in a specific paper of us that is not yet available here or in the list of older publications, send a mail to Rachel and we will try to meet your request as soon as possible.
Some papers might not be viewable using "ghostview", but can be printed by every laser printer. Papers which have these problem are marked by *.

IEEE October 1995

Hiroshima October 1995

IEEE 1996

ATLAS Miniworkshop at UCSC January 8-10, 1996

H8 Beam Test Related Preprints

ATLAS Readout Electronic Review Meeting, SLAC July 23, 96

General ATLAS Preprints

IEEE 1997

Preprints still under Review


The list of authors given above just includes the names of members SCIPP. If other institutions participated in the project, there is a et al. at the end of the name list.

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