Quarknet Interns 2010


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Zach Beckman

School: Harbor High School

Grade Completed: 11

Interests: Aeronautical and materials physics, acting, music, solving problems and video games


Kelly Clark

School: Harbor High School

Grade Completed: 12

Interests: guitar, cutting hair, longboarding, aviation, acting, getting lost in the moment, making mischief with the guys, poetry and art and all forms of self-expression, and last but not least, theoretical physics. :)


Alden Deran

School:Pacific Collegiate School

Grade Completed: 11

Interests: Physics, Space, playing tennis.


Daniel Nemire

School: Pacific Collegiate School

Grade Completed: 9

Interests: Guitar, Skating, Karate, Physics, Engineering, Sleeping, and Eating


Jacob Ritz

School: Santa Cruz High

Grade Completed: 9

Interests: games, science, band


Mobin Skaria

School: Aptos High

Grade Completed: 11

Interests: Band, Color Guard rifle, flute, jazz piano, astronomy, astrophysics, airsoft, science, music