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A special thanks to:

Vicki Johnson - Supervisor

Stu Briber - Instructor, Friend

Dr. Steve Ritz - Mentoring, SCIPP overview, FERMI presentation

Dr. Stefano Profumo - Dark Matter/Other topics in theory presentation

Dr. Bill Atwood - Presentation on the physics of violins

Dr. Alex Grillo - Instrumentation/Intro to ATLAS and LHC presentation

Dr. Sasha Sher - Neuroproject presentation

Dr. Tesla Jeltema - Presentation on dark matter, dark energy and related topics

Nicole Kelley and Dr. David Smith - Particle acceleration near lightning/Around the Sun presentation

Amy Furniss - Ground-based gamma-ray astrophysics presentation

Omar Moreno - Heavy photon search presentation

Dr. Abraham Seiden - Discovery of a new particle at the LHC presentation