Our Experiments

Measuring the Solar Wind's Impact on Muon Flux

David Rathmann-Bloch

This experiment sought to evaluate the impact of the solar wind on the amount of muons coming in by correlating dynamic solar wind data from NASA's SOHO satellite with the rate of muon flux detected in a Quarknet 6000-series Scintillator detector.

Muon Speed Analysis

Julia Rathmann-Bloch, Kyler Natividad, and Clara Woods

This experiment sought to evaluate the speed of muons by placing scintillators apart and measuring how long of a delay existed between each individual scintillator's triggering. It used the Quarknet DAQ's high-precision clock to confirm trigger differences as low as 1.25 nanoseconds.

The Effect of Lead Shielding on Muon Flux

Yazmeen Takaki and Derek Hamersly

This experiment sought to evaluate the effect of lead shielding on muon flux by placing numerous lead bricks between the scintillator detectors. By factoring in multiple variables, the experimenters were able to calculate the expected decrement and compare it to their experimental finding.