The Interns


David Rathmann-Bloch will be a senior at San Mateo High School next year. He loves programming, writing, and, of course, designing scientific experiments. David would wholeheartedly recommend the SCIPP experience to anyone curious about particle physics.


Clara Woods will be a senior this fall at Woodside High School. In addition to pursuing an interest in physics and math, she plays water polo and swims for Woodside. Clara also plays tenor sax in Woodside's marching and concert bands. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors: hiking, biking, camping, skiing, backpacking. She has greatly enjoyed her time at SCIPP this summer and looks to continue with astro-particle physics in college.


Kyler Natividad is a rising homeschooled junior from Fremont, CA. He enjoys physics, math, programming, robotics, games, and random projects. He plans to continue studying physics in college. He has had a positive experience at SCIPP and would recommend the internship as an opportunity to learn about scientific research, particle physics, and astrophysics.


Physics is the study of the physical world, all the way from galaxy clusters down to the finicky quantum mechanics that define our beings. Julia Rathmann-Bloch has always been enthralled by topics like these, and so, when she saw the SCIPP website, she knew that this was the perfect internship. She would recommend it to anyone who has a similar curiosity about the physical universe. Julia will be a sophomore at the Nueva High School next year. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, volleyball, math puzzles, reading, and debate.


Yazmeen Reyes-Takaki is a seventeen year old female, going into her senior year at Anzar High School. It is an extremely small school off the 101 between salinas and gilroy. Her hobbies include Listening to all genres of music and reading anything she can get her hands on. When she was little she was always very interested in everything around her. Curiosity is a huge character trait. As she got older the world around her seemed to get bigger, and her curiosity thus grew. Science is a subject she has always felt stronly about. The two main fields in science that she is most interested in is Physics and Biology. This internship was presented other by her Physics teacher and it sounded like a great experience. She basically just loves learning.


Derek Hamersly is 16 years old and will be a senior next year at Pacific Collegiate School in Santa Cruz. He is interested in math, physics, and music (He plays piano--especially Bach for the last few months). Last year (junior year), He took AP Physics B. That class introduced him into the world of physics, but it rushed through things too fast and his teacher rarely had time to answer his (and his classmates') questions. Every unit was interesting to him, and his teacher recommended that he think about this internship. Now, after he has survived the four weeks of muon detection and world class lectures, he would definitely recommend this internship to any teenager who has taken a physics course and who loves to learn new things.