SCIPP Research Experience for Teachers Program 2002:

Atmospheric Research in the High School

Do you want to know more about this ocean of air that we live under?


Do you want to design and do real science experiments?

Balloon Experiment Manual (WORD)
Student Worksheets (PDF)


Do you want to fly balloons, take pictures from thousands of feet above you, and send your experiments to the "edge of space?"

This site is designed for teachers as well as students of high schools
and middle schools. It provides:

A theoretical understanding of our atmosphere as well as specific mathematical models for its behaviou.

Practical methods and tips for exploring and measuring our atmosphere using tethered meteorological balloons and readily available lab equipment.

Teacher resources and lab procedures

Extended research and possible Science Fair ideas

A complete description of a mission to the National Scientific Balloon Facility in Palestine, TX and experiments on a flight of a high altitude scientific balloon.

A selection of excellent links to additional relevant information.

Opportunities for High School students to design and launch "piggy back" experiments on Scientific Balloons are offered by NSBF. Operations Manager Danny R. J. Ball has already made available cutting-edge science to high schools interested in scientific ballooning by sending experiments designed by students into the upper atmosphere. For more information see our Contacts page.

The Team: Steve Kliewer, James Dann, Stuart Briber.