Workshop and Retreat
on the SCIPP Teacher’s Program
GLAST Balloon Flight
Oct 19-20, 2001


Friday 10/19
Visit to:
Natomas High School
3301 Rosin Boulevard
Sacramento, California 95834
(916) 641-4960
2 Tesla Coil shows: 1:30PM to 2:10Pm; 2:30 PM to 3:10PM

followed by a barbecue at James Dann Sr.’s farm in Winters (directions below).
Stay over on the farm, beds according to seniority, bring sleeping bags.

Saturday 10/20 9am - 5pm
Balloon Flight wrap-up

1) Balloon Flight Video
2) Analysis of Environmental Data
3) Analysis of Science Data
4) Analysis of Small Balloon Data
5) Curriculum Development
6) Web Site Ideas
6) Future Collaboration with NSBF

Directions to Natomas High and the Ranch:
Directions to Natomas: Take 80 from SF past the causeway ;watch for the signs for Reno ; follow those signs; stay on 80 not business 80. You are heading to the Sacramento Airport. Just past the junction with 5 is the Truxel Ave. exit. Exit there and turn right on Truxel. Look to the left; that is Natomas High School. Turn left at the light onto San Juan then left onto Rosin at the next light. The parking lot is immediately on your left; park anywhere. The building on your left is the administration and you need to get a visitors pass form the receptionist. Then go to the theater or B107 and ask for me or John Eick.
Directions to the Ranch: From Natomas HS parking lot get onto San Juan and right onto Truxel; follow the signs for 80 heading for San Francisco. Keep following those signs for San Francisco past the causeway, and about 10 miles past Davis be on the alert for the Dixon Ave exit. Exit at Dixon Ave. west and continue until the road ends at Meridian; jog right on Meridian then immediately left onto Allendale. Stay on Allendale under 505 till the end of Allendale at a big green gate; this is Timm Road go right on Timm up the gravel road till til it ends at two gates * mile on a rise. Open the gate to your left and proceed down the dirt/gravel road past two cement low water bridges for * mile more. The brown house on your left is my house.

For more information, contact Zac Peckler at