GLAST Balloon Flight Retreat
Dann Ranch, Winters, CA
April 19 & 20, 2002
Specifics of Show
Presentation: GLAST Balloon Retreat
Date: 4/19-20/2002
Hosts: Mr. James Dann, Sr.
Presenters: Prof. Hartmut Sadrozinski
Prof. Terry Schalk
Dr. John Venuti
Dr. James Martin (GLAST)
Bill Althouse (GLAST)
Dr. Phil Plait (GLAST)
Dr. Charlie Crummer
Kevin Waggoner
Lei Deng
# of Demos:
# of Students: n/a
Ariel Photos

50 feet

100 feet

200 feet

200 feet

300 feet

500 feet

800 feet

1000 feet

1000 feet
Pictures from the Balloon Launch

The Gondola the balloon will carry

The Gondola

The balloon setting off

View of the group releacing the balloon

Look how high it is!

Getting even higher

Monitoring the signals the balloon is sending

Watching the acent

Prof. Schalk holding the line

Prof. Schalk and the balloon

Getting things ready for launch

Setting up the computer

Readying the balloon

Prof. Schalk and the balloon again

Attaching the teather

Attaching the teather

The balloon on its decent

The group out at the launch site


Still working on the teather

Readying the equipment for launch

Just fining filling the balloon

Preparing to attach the gondola

Still preping for launch

Prof. Sadrozinski overseeing preparations

Prof. Schalk

Looking at something...
Pictures from around the Dann Ranch

Gate to the Dann Ranch

Hanging out on the poarch before the launch

Dann Ranch landscape1

Dann Ranch landscape 2

Dann Ranch landscape 3

Dann Ranch landscape 4

Dann Ranch landscape 5

Dann Ranch landscape 6

Dann Ranch landscape 7

Dann Ranch landscape 8

Dann Ranch landscape 9

Dr. Lan Zhang relaxing on the porch

The launch site from a distance

Preparing to show Balloon 2001 movie

The Dann hose

The participants hanging out

The completed gondola

"How many physicists does it take to launch a balloon?" Terry Schalk cracking jokes
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