Quarknet Interns

Joseph St. Marie

School: St. Ignatius Prep- San Francisco

Interests: physics

Hobbies: tennis, cycling

Eric Chu

School: St. Ignatius Prep- San Francisco

Interests: physics

Hobbies: cycling

COSMOS/Quarknet Interns
COSMOS is a science and mathematics residential summer camp currently hosted by UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis, and UC Irvine. The COSMOS home page is epc.ucsc.edu/cosmos. All of the following interns were allowed this opportunity due to their participation in COSMOS. The internship program for COSMOS alumni is at epc.ucsc.edu/cosmos/alumni.shtml.

Scott Rohlf

School: Harbor High-Santa Cruz

Interests: Paleontology

Hobbies: tennis, cross country, all sciences, going to the beach

My name is Jo Beck.

I am a great deal larger than a speck,

The internship is on the physics of the particle,

About which there has been written many an article.

In the fall a student at USF I will be

In order to study physics and chemistry.

In my spare time I like to juggle

Though, at first, it was a bit of a struggle.

And for me, a cause of hilarity,

Is my practiced ambidexterity.

In closing, I must advise all,

Be an intern, I'm having a ball!

COSMOS/Quarknet intern paper: silicon strip detectors

muon lifetime experiment paper

muon lifetime powerpoint

Ashlin Mountjoy

School: Aptos High School-Aptos

Interests: Chemistry

Hobbies: Cross country and karate

COSMOS/Ouarknet interns paper: scintillators