Professor Schalk!

Setting up for the Tesla demo!

Nina & Paul finding the "caution tape"

Annika & Professor Schalk

Andrew & Chase from SPS help set up

Remember to turn off your cell phones!

more set up...


Professor Smith arrives...

Professor Nielsen..."Do I really want to get in that suit?"



Professor Smith & Nicole watch the set-up.

Annika & Nina!

Professor Ritz & Professor Smith check out the Tesla demo.

Zorro (aka Annika!)

Zorro again!


Waiting for the coil!

Professor Sadrozinski helps Nina get ready to battle the Coil in the suit!

Paul of SPS!

Professor Sadrozinski makes sure Nina's ready...

Nina battles to Coil!


Nina made it!!

Ok...can we please get this suit off now!?


Paul, Annika & Nina..finally out of the suit!

Vicki avoiding the camera!

Professor Nielsen prepares to get zapped!

Professor Nielsen puts on the suit with Nina's help!

Professor Sadrozinski making sure Professor Nielsen is ready!