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If you have a Tesla Coil or Physics related site that you'd like to see
featured here, email us at: outreach@scipp.ucsc.edu

ABC News Online - UCSC Tesla Coil Demo in the news. News article about the SCIPP Outreach Program.
Tesla Systems Research - Tesla Systems Research manufactures electrical equipment that is commonly used to create dazzling special effects. Our Tesla Coil was bought from Tesla Systems Research.
Michael Rifa's Mega Volt Web Site - This Thailand based site shows impressive pictures of Tesla coils in action, as well as information regarding their functions. This site also features Tesla coils for rent.
Front Page News - SCIPP is still making the news! However, one of our poor profesors got his name misspelled: it's Terry Schalk, not Schwalk.

Nikola Tesla Links
Nikola Tesla - The life and times of Tesla, the inventor, engineer and scientist.
The Complete Nikola Tesla U.S. Patent Collection - Complete list of patents granted to Tesla.
Tesla's Inventions - Link to a pdf of the autobiography of Tesla.

Other Outreach Programs
Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST) Outreach - Find curriculum materials for grades 9-12.
Imagine The Universe - Targeted at audiences of 14 years of age and up, this NASA site invites anyone interested to learn about our universe.
Starchild - A learning center for young (age < 14 years) astronomers.

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