A SCIPP Presentation
Movies From Some of Our Previous Demonstrations
MESA Day @ Freedom High School, April 25, '08
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Tesla Demo @ Happy Valley, November 20, '07

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SoPS Demo @ Crown College, October 22, '07

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COSMOS @ UCSC July 10, '06

Watch the Fireworks on July 10th!!

Abbot Middle School

Watch the Tesla Demo in San Mateo, June 2006.

Freedom High School

Watch the Tesla Demo at Oakley, 2006.

Aptos High School '06

Zorro and the Knight get blasted with electricity!

Independence High School

Watch the Neon Lights Glow!

Demo with the History Channel
The History Channel was recording this Tesla Demo.
Freedom High School
Brian Keeney Setting-Up the Tesla Coil
Anxious Students Waiting for Show
Dr. Hiroshi Ohyama from Japan
Jacob's Ladder & Freedom Students
Dr. Grillo Explaining Jacob's Ladder
Dr. Sadrozinski as 'Zorro'
Miss Holly Hester as 'The Tin Woman'
Paul Graham in 'The Chicken Coop'
Principal Rasmussen as 'The Tin Man'
UCSC Physics Colloquium
Prof. Schalk playing with the Jacob's Ladder
MESA Day @ UCSC, March 15, '08
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COSMOS @ UC Davis August 2, '06
Watch Zorro Spar with Lightning!!
COSMOS demo July 20, '05
Watch the Knight get Shocked!!
GLAST balloon flight off the IDS Building at UCSC
"Balloon!" A Film By Zac Peckler
Independance High School
German News Broadcast
Woodside Elementary
Jacob's Ladder
Yavneh Day School
Prof Schalk demonstrating the coil
The electricity can be seen coming from her feet!
Mystery Knight Revealed - It's Alice Paigner!
St. Ignatius Prep School
Dr. James Dann, Jr. explaining how the transformer works
Even Professors can be clumsy!
Bay View Elementary
The Mystery Knight taking a bolt to the head!
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