A SCIPP Presentation
Aptos High School, Aptos, CA
Happy to Learn About Physics
Prof. Schalk Speaking With Student
Ruth Schmitz Giving a Slide Show Presentation
UCSC Student Kevin Waggoner
Demonstrating the Tin Man Suit
Electric Arcs do not Penetrate the Suit
Former UCSC Student and Cabrillo College Instructor
Paul Graham
Demonstrating the Faraday Cage
and Flourescent Light Display
Mr. William Thompson, Aptos High School Science Teacher
Mr. Thompson in the Tin Man Suit
Electric Arcs Reaching 5' in Length
Dr. Alex Grillo Expaining the Tesla Coil
Dr. Felix Rosenbaum from Switzerland as Zorro
Dr. Charlie Crummer Explaining Physics
Click Here for the Aptos High School Tesla Coil Demonstration Powerpoint Presentation
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Location: Aptos High School, Aptos, CA.
Date: November 16th, 2001
Host(s): Mr. William Thompson
Presenters: Prof. Hartmut Sadrozinski
Prof. Terry Schalk
Dr. Alex Grillo
Dr. Charlie Crummer
Dr. Hiroshi Ohyama
Dr. Felix Rosenbaughm
Ruth Schmitz
Brian Keeney
Arend Van Der Zande
Kevin Waggoner
# of Showings: 1
# in Audience: 150
Tinman: Mr. William Thompson, Kevin Waggoner
Zorro: Dr. Felix Rosenbaum
Faraday Cage: Mr. Paul Graham
Special Notes: The students really enjoyed the Tesla Coil demonstration. It’s events like these that really generate enthusiasm among students for science. Thanks again for coming to our school with your Tesla coil.