A SCIPP Presentation
Tesla Coil Demonstration at
City Year, Sunnyvale, CA
April 20th, 2004

Setting up the video camera

The transformer

City Year students

Prof. Terry Schalk speaking

Ms. Nina Adelman-Stolar

Students during the demo

Dr. Charlie Crummer as Zorro

Crummer fighting the lightning

The Knight steps up to the coil

Getting zapped

Prof. Shalk

The audiance and transformer

The tesla coil and the audiance
Paul Graham and the coil

The demonstration site

Tom Borden manning the projector

Terry Schalk and the tesla coil

Graham speaking

A closeup of some students

The front row

Specifics of Show
Presentation: City Year
Date: April 20th
Hosts: Erin Glesne-Smith
Presenters: Prof. Hartmut Sadrozinski
Prof. Terry Schalk
Dr. Charlie Crummer
Thomas Borden
Paul Graham
# of Demos:
# of Students: -