A SCIPP Presentation
Happy Valley School
Location: Happy Valley Elementary School, Happy Valley, CA
Date: March 2nd, 2001
Host(s): Mr. Christopher McGriff (Principal)
Presenters: Dr. Hartmut Sadrozinski (UCSC)
Dr. Alex Grillo (UCSC)
Ms. Georgia Hamel (UCSC)
Mr. Edward Hawkins (UCSC)
Ms. Holly Hester (UCSC)
Brian Keeney (Jr. UCSC)
# of Showings: 1
# in Audience: 165
Special Notes: It was obvious the kids were fascinated by the Tesla Coil Demonstration. Principal McGriff was very good demonstrating the Tinman and Dr. Sadrozinski was a show stopper as Zorro! The kids sent Dr. Sadrozinski drawings and letters thanking him from bringing the demo to Happy Valley Elementary.
Click Here for Thank You Notes and Pictures to Prof Sadrozinski From Happy Valley Elementary School