A SCIPP Presentation
Lowell High School
Location: Lowell High School , San Francisco, CA
Date: April 19th, 2001
Host(s): Mr. Richard Shapiro (Physics Teacher)
Dr. Bruce Cohen (math/computer teacher)
Dr. Bryan Marten (physics/chemistry teacher)
Mr. Charles Hibbard (Physics Teacher)
Mr. Eric Friedman (Physics Teacher)
Mr. Gabriel Hanaford (Tech)
Mr. Paul Cheng (Principal)
Presenters: Prof. Hartmut Sadrozinski
Prof. Terry Schalk
Brian Keeney (student, UCSC)
Dr. James Dann (St. Ignatius Prep. H.S., San Francisco)
Mr. Stuart Briber (Independence H.S., San Jose)
Aaron Dann (St. Ignatius Prep. H.S., San Francisco)
# of Showings: 1
# in Audience: 875
Special Notes: Commentary: Feedback from students and staff was generally outstanding. The show seemed to be both appreciated (educationally) as well as enjoyed. Apparently the initial delay of 3-4 minutes in getting the suit fully attached was much more of a distraction to some students than I thought : they recalled it as being quite long, commenting that it was a “long” delay that distracted from the show….my interpretation is that if you build something up with all kinds of fanfare (stage, lights, music) and it is not delivered without a hitch, then you're in trouble. Some students complained about too much talking by the presenters and, of course, the final sound on light demo didn't come off well at all. The lesson there is to ALWAYS rehearse!!!!!
At any rate, I'm utterly delighted with how things went: and had quite a good time myself and look forward to making a physics show an annual affair: hopefully with other schools (SI for sure).
I want to offer my most appreciative thank you to Hartmut, Terry, and all the others at Scipp that help make this kind of wonderful experience happen for so many teachers and students. Special thanks to Brian, Stuart and James also. - Richard Shapiro (Physics Teacher, Lowell High School)