A SCIPP Presentation
Tesla Coil Demonstration at
Monte Vista High School, Cupertino, CA
April 26th, 2002

Prof Schalk and Ruth Schmitz

Schalk and Schmitz presenting

Our Audiance

The Tesla Coil

Dr. Charlie Crummer

Future scientists?

Dr. Lan Zhang in the suit

Dr. Zhang as the Mystery Knight

Bolt to the head!

Lan emerges unscathed

Lan taking off the suit

Our second knight

Preparing for his fate

Lead to the Tesla Coil

Alive and safe!
Specifics of Show
Presentation: Monte Vista High School
Date: 4/26/2003
Hosts: Mr. Travis Hambleton
Presenters: Prof. Terry Schalk
Dr. Charlie Crummer
Dr. Lan Zhang
Ruth Schmitz
# of Demos:
# of Students: 150