A SCIPP Presentation
Tesla Coil Demonstration at
Spring Hill Elementary, Santa Cruz, CA
December 10th, 2002

Setting up the Jacob's Ladder

Dr. Charlie Crummer and John Wray

The jacob's Ladder




Mrs. Janie Riddle in the suit

Mrs. Riddle preparing for the coil

Recieving a shirt for being brave

An excited member of the audience

The coil all set up

Setting up the tesla coil

Mrs. Janie Riddle in the tin man suit

Mrs. Janie Riddle taking off the suit
Specifics of Show
Presentation: Spring Hill Elementary
Date: 12/20/2002
Hosts: Mrs. Janie Riddle
Presenters: Kevin Waggoner
Prof. Hartmut Sadrozinski
Prof. Terry Schalk
Dr. Charlie Crummer
John Wray
Eli Quinn
# of Demos:
# of Students: 70
Special Notes: