A SCIPP Presentation
Tesla Coil Demonstration at
St. Ignatius Prep School, San Francisco, CA
February 13th, 2003

Dr. James Dann Jr. and Hartmut Sadrozinski

James Dann introducing the Chicken Coop

Hartmut and the first student in the suit

Prof. Schalk and two students in the Coop

Our Jacob's Ladder

The first student and the tesla coil

Closeup of the first knight

Second closeup of the first knight

The members of the presentation team before the show

A brave volunteer for the suit

Prof. Terry Schalk and the Coop
Terry and the Jacob's Ladder

Schalk, Dann, and Sadrozinski

The seccond knight readying himself

The second student recieving his shirt

Charlie Crummer helping the third knight
Movie of Dr. James Dann, Jr. explaining how the transformer works. (2.4Mb)
Even Professors can be clumsy! (856Kb)
Specifics of Show
Presentation: St. Ignatius Prep School
Date: 2/13/2003
Hosts: Dr. James Dann, Jr.
Presenters: Prof Hartmut Sadrozinski
Prof Terry Schalk
Dr. Charlie Crummer
Karl Young
Tom Glanzman
Alan Yang
# of Demos:
# of Students: 120