A SCIPP Presentation
University of California, Berkeley
Careers of Women in Science: Issues of Power and Control
Location: UC Berkeley
Date: May 12th, 2001
Host(s): Anne J. MacLachlan (Center for Studies in Higher Education at UC Berkeley)
Presenters: Prof. David Dorfan
Dr. Charlie Crummer
Dr. Felix Rosenbaum
Teela Pulliam (Grad. student)
Kamal Prasad (Senior)
Brian Keeney (Junior)
# of Showings: 1
# in Audience: 150
Special Notes: The audience was chiefly composed of women scientists and professional educators for women in science. Many in the whole group are deeply involved in different kinds of outreach activities for school girls, a few of whom were also present. The audience was delighted by the presentation and given the lack of large numbers of actual school girls, did their best to be enthusiastic school girls themselves. In many ways it was the high point of the conference as it was so entertaining. Cheering, clapping and a few serious questions about the display was the immediate reaction. Longer term is the information about this display organizations like the Math Science Network/Expanding Your Horizons took away with them with the idea of inviting the Tesla Crew to present at their outreach fairs. We all really appreciate everyone traveling to Berkeley on a Saturday to give us a good time!