A SCIPP Presentation
Tesla Coil Demonstration at
Waldorf School, Santa Cruz, CA
May 22nd, 2003

Unloading the Van

Hartmut, Alan, and Charlie setting up

Alan Yang and the transformer

Testing the Jacob's Ladder

Hartmut addressing out audience

The audience

Hartmut during the presentation

Hartmut Sadrozinski

Learning about science

Preparing to see Zorro

Dr. Charlie Crummer as Zorro

Preparing the Tin Woman for zapping

Crummer and Sadrozinski helping Lan

Dr. Lan Zhang boldly sporting her shirt

Dr. Zhang, safe and sound after being zapped

The Tesla Coil

The Tesla Coil

Preparing to be zapped ungrounded

The Tesla Coil

Helping Lan up onto the wooden step

The Tesla Coil

Lightning crackles, but the suit keeps her safe

Unloading the Van

Preparing for the lightning

Alan Yang connecting the wires
Movie of the Tesla Coil being tested before the show. (3.3Mb)
Specifics of Show
Presentation: Waldorf School
Date: 5/22/2003
Hosts: Howard Schraeger
Presenters: Prof. Hartmut Sadrozinski
Ned Spencer
Alan Yang
Dr. Charlie Crummer
Marcus Ziegler
Mat Auric
# of Demos:
# of Students: -