A SCIPP Presentation
Images from the Tesla Coil Demonstration
at Woodside School
March 25th, 2002

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Prof . Hartmut Sadrozinski before setting-up the demo.
Dr. Wolfgang Walkowiak and Dr. Charlie Crummer discussing the demo.
Kevin Waggoner setting-up the computer for the slide show.
Dr. Charlie Crummer and Dr. Lan Zhang setting-up the demo.
Dr. Wolfgang Walkowiak checking the Jacob's Ladder.
Dr. Charlie Crummer pleased with the demo set-up.
Prof. Terry Schalk, Dr. Wolfgang Walkowiak, and Prof. Hartmut Sadrozinski testing the coil.
Prof. Terry Schalk giving the slide presentation.
A slide from the presentation.
Dr. Lan Zhang from China.
Prof. Terry Schalk, Dr. Charlie Crummer, and Prof. Hartmut Sadrozinski demonstrating the light show.
Dr. Wolfgang Walkowiak as the Mystery Knight.
Future Physicists.
Still excited from the demo.
Electrified Student.
- -
Tom Mudd discussing the Tesla Coil with students.
Specifics of Show
Presentation: Woodside School
Date: Monday, March 25th, 2002
Hosts: Principal Sharon Hobbs
Tom Mudd
Presenters: Prof. Terry Schalk - Speaker
Prof Hartmut Sadrozinski
Dr. Charlie Crummer - Speaker
Dr. Wolfgang Walkowiak - Mystery Knight
Dr. Lan Zhang - Photography
Kevin Waggoner - Slide Show
Kevin Kinsella (Woodside School) - Mystery Knight
# of Demos:
Grades Participating 4th-8th
# of Classes 12
# of Students:
Special Notes: