The Team & Supporters

The Teachers
Steve Kliewer
Endeavour Academy
Paso Robles High School, Paso Robles, CA
Cosmic Rays, digital photos, & website design.
Stuart Briber
Independence High School
San Jose, CA
Analysis of environmental data & payload recovery.

Dr. James Dann, Jr.
St. Ignacius Preparatory High School
San Francisco, CA
Event data analysis, balloon experiment protocol.

Mark Fairbank
Paso Robles High School
Paso Robles, CA
UCSC Faculty & Staff
Hartmut Sadrozinski
Research Education for Teachers Program director

Terry Schalk
SCIPP/GLAST scientist


John Wray & Jason Heiman

Distinguished Researchers
and their special presentations to our group
  Joel Primack, "Cosmology"

Michael Dime, "String Theory"

Sincere thanks to all of the many scientists, technicians, postdocs, and students that gave their time and assistance to meet with us, show us their work and explain our endless questions.

This work was supported by the Santa Cruz Institute of Particle Physics (SCIPP/UCSC) and funded by:

Quarknet (NSF & DOE via Fermilab).


UC Santa Cruz (UCSC, Dean of Natural Sciences, SCIPP).