Schedule of Talks (all in Rm. 307 NS2, 11:30-12:30)

Mon. 25-Jun. What is the Higgs Boson? (Nielsen)

Tue. 26-Jun. A Theoretical Physicist Looks at the Future. (Dine)

Tue. P.M. 26-Jun. Balloon Flight. (Rosenblum, Graf, Bellanger, Dann, Kliewer, Schalk)

Wed. 27-Jun. Journey Back to the Big Bang. (Guhathakurta)

Thu. 28-Jun. CP Violation. (Schumm)

Fri. 29-Jun. GLAST. (Atwood)

Fri. P.M. 29-Jun. Selected Topics in QM. (Dine, Nielsen, Rosenblum, Schumm, Sadrozinski)

Schedule for the Week:

Monday - 25 June:

Tuesday - 26 June

Wednesday - 27 June

 Thursday - 28 June

 Friday - 29 June

The teacher’s workshop is a week-long event at the UCSC campus and will be able to accomodate about eight participants. The program will be a good mixture of data analysis for balloon flights, classroom demonstrations with electromagnetic riddles, and presentations of research topics by SCIPP scientists.

We will divide the workshop into themes, and we will schedule them
according to the preferences of the attendees.

1) Balloon Flight: Discuss results from previous Balloon Fest and plan
future Balloon Fest activities:

2) Quarknet Cosmic Ray (C.R.) Detectors: Mini workshop on building and
doing experiments with the Quarknet C.R. detectors. We are inviting
Quarknet personnel to attend.

3) Muon Life time: Class room experiment using C.R. detectors. Special
relativity in action, with emphasis on data analysis and error calculation.

4) Tesla Coil: Learn more about the physics principles of the Tesla Coil
and its operation. Work on a powerpoint presentation incorporating
modern sciences issues: Particle Physics, Cosmology, Lightning, Cosmic
Rays, Mutations, Evolution.

5) People Physics Book: The authors J. & J. Dann have an original
approach to teaching physics. They will present some of their thoughts
and we will discuss some of their concepts.

6) Discussion of Modern Physics Concepts: Special Relativity, Quantum
Mechanics, presented with videos and questions and answers sessions with
UCSC faculty and students.