Terry L. Schalk

Adjunct Professor of Physics
Ph.D. Iowa State University, 1969
Associate Dean for Computing, Division of Physical & Biological Sciences, 2000-2008

Office: Room 327, Natural Sciences 2
Phone: (831) 459-2996
FAX: (831) 459-5777
e-mail: tas@scipp.ucsc.edu

Photo of T. L. Schalk

Research Interests

Dr. Schalk works in experimental particle, accelerator and astro physics. His interest is both on the computational issues associated with data analysis, the search for new particles and the study of Dark Energy and Dark Matter. He has been the co-spokesperson for a major charm quark experiment, active in the study of parity violation in the decay of the heavy photon,  looked for the basis of the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the Universe,  worked on flight software for a Gamma ray space telescope ( http://www-glast.stanford.edu/ )  and is currently working on the camera for the LSST (http://www.lsst.org ) . Over the last 40 years, Schalk has been very active in all aspects of the computing issues (the "bleeding edge") in high energy physics including chairing the annual Computing in High Energy Physics conference ( http://www.chep2007.com/ ) ,  participating on major computing review committees and managing large software groups.

Terry has also been involved with SCIPP's Outreach Program (http://scipp.ucsc.edu/outreach) since it began.  Working with the  Tesla Coil in-school demonstrations, the annual Balloon Fest weekend, the Maker's Faire, the annual QuarkNet High School Summer Internship, and the annual High School Teachers Workshop.   This Outreach Program has helped to kindle interest in Science for many, many students over the years.

Collaboration Involvement: MarkIII, MarkII, SLD, BaBar , GLAST, LSST
Selected Publications (from total of >800)
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