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A few that are aimed at a slightly broader audience than the rest are:

    A popular article on cosmology from Sky & Telescope

Where Did It All Come From? Aguirre, A., Sky & Telescope (Scheduled for Publication November 2006) here-Did-It-All-Come-From?

    A review article on eternal inflation:

Eternal Inflation, past and future. Aguirre, A. Contribution to R. Vaas (ed.): Beyond the Big Bang. Springer 2008; arXiv:0712.0571

    A review article on the possibility of observing ‘other universes’

A Status report on the observability of cosmic bubble collisions.

Anthony Aguirre Matthew C. Johnson Rept.Prog.Phys. 74 (2011) 074901

    A review article on the enrichment of the intergalactic medium:

How Did the IGM Become Enriched? Aguirre, A., Schaye, J. Proceedings of     CRAL     Conference Series 1: Chemodynamics: From First Stars to Local Galaxies, Lyon,     France, 10-14 Jul 2006; astro-ph/0611637

    A discussion of multiverses, anthropics, and all that:

On Making Predictions in a Multiverse: Conundrums, Dangers, and Coincidences. Aguirre, A. Invited article for the book Universe or Multiverse, in press by Cambridge University Press (2006)

    A review of approaches to modified gravity:

Alternatives to Dark Matter, IAU Symposium 220, Sydney, Australia, July 22 - 25

    A review of dark matter in cosmology:

Dark Matter in Cosmology, Aguirre, A., in Dark Matter in the Universe: Jerusalem Winter School for Theoretical Physics, by Jerusalem Winter School for Theoretical Physics 1986-87 Jerusalem, Piran, T., Weinberg, S., Bahcall, J., pp. 1 - 17