Welcome to the online repository for RHESSI terrestrial gamma-ray flash data. Click here to access the database. The file 00_DOCUMENTATION.TXT, which should appear at the top of the list, is a guide to the rest of the data tree and file formats.

You can download a single gzipped tarfile of the database here.

A new experimental algorithm similar to the one devised by Gjesteland et al. 2012 (GRL 39, L05102) is finding a larger rate of events, with a larger contamination of false events by necessity. The algorithm is being run on a subset of days distributed across the mission. Currently the trigger window is 1ms, to match the primary database above, but it will be run for durations of 60us to 30ms in the future. The events triggered so far are shown on an interactive map here. At the bottom of the map are links to ASCII files with lists of the events shown on the map and of the days searched so far. The algorithm and display are being developed by Paul Buzbee, an undergraduate student at UCSC.

If you have any questions, please contact David Smith at the University of California, Santa Cruz. My email address is dsmith8 at the domain ucsc.edu.

The processing and analysis of RHESSI TGF data are supported by the Physical and Dynamic Meteorology program of the National Science Foundation's Directorate for Geosciences, through grant ATM-0846609.