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UCORP Faculty Survey of the Research Environment at the University of California
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Debate on the Continuation of UC Management of Livermore and Los Alamos National Laboratories
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UCORP Faculty Survey of the Research Environment at UC. new!!!

Between January and March of 1996, UCORP surveyed 3,300 members of the UC Academic Senate to obtain a clearer picture of the specific ways in which faculty believe their own research is affected by infrastructural resources, intramural funding, administrative support, and the regulatory climate.

The cumulative impact of the financial crisis on faculty research has been widespread and affects all campuses, all academic specialties, and all faculty ranks. The intensity of faculty feelings about this issue may be reflected by the fact that nearly 2400, or 72% of the faculty sampled, responded to the mail survey and 1000 of these provided written portraits and personal commentaries on their own initiative.

As emphasized in the executive summary to the report of the UCORP survey, four major problem areas stand out in our analysis:
  1. inadequate clerical and other personnel support
  2. inadequate space, properly equipped, to conduct research and store materials
  3. inadequate direct financial support of research, including unmet professional travel needs
  4. inadequate administrative leadership to minimize the regulatory and bureaucratic constraints on the research environment.

The complete Interim UCORP Report on the results of this survey, including text, tables, and a methodological appendix is available for viewing or downloading by clicking here.

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A University of California campus-wide debate:

Should UC renew its contract with the Department of Energy (DOE) to manage the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory?

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