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Final grades for Physics 171 have been assigned. The distribution of all the final course grades is shown below:

course grade distribution

Letter grades are based on the cumulative course average, which is weighted according to: homework (5 problem sets)---40%; midterm exam---25%; and the final exam---35%. This cumulative course average is then converted into a letter grade according to the following approximate numerical ranges: A+ (92.5--100); A (87--92.5); A- (81.5--87); B+ (76--81.5); B (70.5--76); B- (65--70.5); C+ (59.5--65); C (54--59.5); C- (50.5--54); D (47--50.5); F (0--47). Here is the statistical summary of the distribution of the cumulative course averages:

              mean: 81.14               median: 82.23               standard deviation: 12.4               high: 97.1               low : 47.7

Here are the relevant final exam statistics. A histogram of the test scores is shown below:

distribution of final exam scores

Horizontal axis labels correspond to the midpoint value of a bin, which is 10 points wide. Here is the final exam statistical summary:

    exam mean: 65           exam median: 69.5           standard deviation: 19.6           highest grade: 93           lowest grade: 24

You can pick up your graded final exams in my office any time after 2 pm on Thursday December 10.

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Last Updated: December 11, 2015