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Entry #1: October 26, 2013

Great job on the win team! Sluggers were a decent team and weren't ready to go down without a fight, kudos to you all for pulling it together and getting done what needed to get done. They were definitely a step up in competition for our first opponents, Where My Pitches At?, and it was nice to pass our first test soundly.

I do however, have some reminders I'd like to pass down. We came out the gate a little sloppy against the Sluggers, I think mainly because the thirty run win over WMPA? gave us sense of cockiness that could be our downfall. It's true, we are the team to beat in this league, but we can't let that get to our heads. We're really good because we're grinders, we play harder and more focused than any other team out there. And we play smarter. We play every game with a sense of urgency and keep our head in the game. We can't let this escape us, we have to be hyper aware of the game situation and where the ball is moving.

I was glad to see we didn't let a small deficit bog us down for too long. We've got an abundance of great hitters (and a terrible pitcher who throws meatballs), so as long as we're patient and not try to do much, our bats will always come around. A single is a great hit, so as long as we trust that the next hitter will be productive, the runs will flow.

The Porterian Slug Cartel and Big Bangers follow these next two weeks. I've already emailed Linda to make sure our games get start promptly so we can get our full game time in. We're in the drivers seat to the playoffs, but let's not take these next two opponents for granted! The PSC are new foes, and the Bangers I'm sure are desperate for revenge after we slaughtered them last Spring.

Let's go forth and do what we do.

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