Physics 160 Lecture Materials

Slides and Other Material Used in Lecture

Spring Quarter 2015

Note that the final version of the lecture slides and other files generally will not be available until following the lecture. 

The MathCad worksheets can only be opened by MathCad software (which unfortunately is no longer available in the UCSC computer labs). 

Lecture 1, DC circuits

Lecture 2, Linear AC circuits

Lecture 3, Circuit analysis and simulation

Lecture 4, Diodes and diode circuits

Lecture 5, Diodes and transistors

Lecture 6, Basic transistor circuits

Lecture 7, Amplifier building blocks

Lecture 8, Transistor models

Lecture 9, More transistor circuits

Lecture 10, Differential amplifiers; frequency response

Lecture 11, Amplifier noise, introduction to FETs

Lecture 12, JFET and MOSFET properties; Basic FET circuits

Lecture 13, FET Followers; Introduction to Op-amps

Lecture 14, Feedback and Op-amps; basic Op-amp circuits

Lecture 15, More real op-amp circuits; High-frequency limitations

Lecture 16, Op-amp stability; Input and Output impedance; Active rectifier

Lecture 17, Oscillators

Lecture 18, Voltage regulators

Lecture 19, Power circuits