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Physics 215 (Winter 2015): Introduction To Non-Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

Course information

Lecture Time: Monday and Wednesday 3:30 PM -- 5:25 PM
Lecture Place: ISB, Room 231
Instructor: Prof. Stefano Profumo
Office hours: Tuesday 2:00 PM (or -- better -- by appointment)

Course description

An introduction to non-relativistic quantum mechanics, from basic postulates to simple quantum systems and techniques to more advanced, fun topics.


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Course outline


Recommended Textbooks:

Other Reference Textbooks:

Additional Reading: Click here to download some notes on QFT from Le Bellac

Grading policy

Grading will consist of 40% Homework, 20% Midterm (tentatively scheduled for Monday, Monday, February 9) and 40% Final (Thursday March 19, 1:30-4:30PM). We will target a level of difficulty for homework and especially for the two written tests comparable to the ``Written Qualifying exam'' level. Collaboration is strongly encouraged for homework, but is as strongly discouraged for the written tests.

Homework exercises

Set number Topics Due Date Solutions
1 (pdf) Math preliminaries Wednesday, January 21 pdf (N. Padgaonkar's solutions)
2 (pdf) Wave functions & time evolution of states Wednesday, January 28 Not yet!
3 (pdf) More on time evolution and Harmonic Oscillator Wednesday, February 4 (pdf)
4 (pdf) 1D problems Wednesday, February 11 (pdf)
5 (pdf) Midterm prep Wednesday, February 18 Sol for #2, 4
Midterm (pdf) Midterm Exam Wednesday February 11 Solutions
6 (pdf) Propagators, angular momentum preliminaries Friday, February 27 Solutions
7 (pdf) Angular momentum Wednesday, March 4 Not yet!
8 (pdf) More angular momentum Wednesday, March 11 Solutions
9 (pdf) Miscellanea/Review Thursday, March 19 Not yet!

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