Suggested Chapters


Physics: You can choose which of the chapters you want to include in your version of the textbook. Each chapter is independently page-numbered with an even number of pages, so that new chapters always start on the right-hand page. You can use our table of contents, or edit it to include just the chapters you choose. The California Standards would be covered by using Chapters 1-8, 11-14 and 19.

Honors Physics: We recommend that you consider using Chapters 1-15, 17-19. Include a selection of the other chapters, if you like.

Advanced Placement Physics B: We think this book will be especially helpful for students preparing for the AP Physics B test. All material currently tested is in this book. Students planning to take the test should cover all chapters prior to the test except chapters 16, 20, 21, 22, and 23. Those chapters can be left for after the test or as enrichment. Also it is recommended that Chapters 9 and 15 be covered lightly since these topics are not tested in the detail that our book covers them.

Advanced Placement Physics C: For the AP Physics C (mechanics) test the book also is a good preparation. Chapters 1-10 and 25 need be covered thoroughly and supplemented with a plethora of APC practice problems. For the AP physics C (electromagnetism) test the book is not sufficient; it can be used however, for some basic concepts and provide practice in solving circuits. (Use Chapters 12-16.)