Import Text

Use this feature to import data saved with the Export Text menu item or files created and saved from several other formats (e.g. Excel). The file must be in the tab-delimited text format used by Export Text (a .txt, .TEXT, .dat or .scv extension). Data are imported only into the latest data columns. You can also use this feature to import data prepared or collected in another program into Graphical Analysis. Several different formats are supported and are automatically detected.

Supported formats are:


If a word processing program is used to prepare data in any of these formats the file must be saved as text.

Each text file created in Graphical Analysis file has a specific structure that includes a time stamp, data column names, short names, units, and data. If you make changes to the exported file, be sure to preserve the structure. After choosing this option, select the appropriate file name in the Open File dialog.

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