The Data Table object displays data in data sets. If the object is too small to display all the columns, use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the window to see each column. Data from the most recent data set is displayed on the left side of the data table. To move through the rows of data, use the vertical scroll bar on the right side of the table.

Selecting and copying data:  You can select data by clicking and dragging the mouse pointer across ranges of cells. You can select entire columns by clicking on the title of the column. You can select an entire row of data by clicking on the row numbers. The Copy command can be used to move data to the clipboard and into other programs.

Columns that are not present in the table can be dragged from the Data Browser to the table for viewing and editing. You can also change which columns are presented in the table in the Table Options dialog.

Renaming a data column:  To change the data labels or units, double-click the title at the top of the column, or select Column Options from the Data Menu, then enter the names in the Column Definition dialog box.

Renaming a data set:  To change the data set label, double-click the title at the top of the data set, then enter the name of the data set in the dialog box.

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