Meeting will be in Room 310 ISB (building connected to Natural Sciences 2).

Start at 8:45 with coffee in room at end of building near Abe Seiden 's office

(333 Natural Sciences 2). Organizers listed below can arrange their sessions

to be one or multiple talks. A list of research program supported personnel

will be separately provided (list being developed for Howard Gordon).


UC Santa Cruz : Thursday, May 3rd  

9:00 9:30 ATLAS vision for B layer replacement Kevin Einsweiler
9:30 10:00

U.S. pixel upgrade program

Maurice G-Sciveres
10:00 12:00


Stave and Powering Program

Status of Staves

BNL Stave Development

Robotics for module and stave production

BNL ID Program FY08

Organized by Carl Haber, with Maurice G-Sciveres, David Lynn, Paul Tipton and Murdock Gilchriese
12:00 1:30 Lunch
1:30 1:50 3-D detector testing Sally Seidel
1:50 2:20 3-D detector plan Sherwood Parker
2:20 2:55 Data transmission architecture Organized by Jingbo Ye
2:55 3:30 Work on optical components Organized by K.K. Gan
3:30 4:00 Break
3:30 4:00

SiGe for inner detector

CMOS Front End ASICS for the SLHC Inner Tracker

Organized by Alex Grillo with Mitch Newcomer
4:00 4:30 Strip detector development Hartmut Sadrozinski

Group Dinner: 6:15 PM

(El Palomar)

UC Santa Cruz : Friday, May 4th

9.00 Introduction, Summary tables FL
9.05 Development of Analog Front-End M. Newcomer
9.35 Digital Readout System G. Broijmans
10.05 Optical Links J. Ye

10.35: Coffee Break

11.00 Next Generation ROD J. Mead
11.30 Rad Hard Low Voltage Power Supplies J. Kierstead (FL for him)
11.50 Detector issues J. Rutherfoord
12.30PM : Lunch break
1.00 Discussions and conclusions All