Mesurements of the Body Capacitance on Silicon Microstrip Detectors

Author: Riko Wichmann
This page was created October 29, 1996, last modified November 14, 1996

We measured the total body capacitance of an irradiated (ATT7) and an unirradiated detector (UCSC2) to determine the total depletion voltage of the detectors. The method to measure the body capacitance is descriped here. Since these two detectors were already mounted to a hybrid, we measured the total capacitance between bias ring and backplane with the full bias voltage supplied to the backplane.
To limit the leakage current of the irradiated detector (ATT7), we cooled it down to -20C with liquid nitrogen.

We also measured ATT7 at -10 C :
To compare the results for ATT7 at -20C and -10C with the unirradiated UCSC2 module at +20C, look at this plots: