Welcome to the Milagro Animations web site. The following pages contain QuickTime movies that visualize computer simulations of Extensive Air Showers (EAS) and how EAS interact with the Milagro detector. These movies are intended as a tool to help researchers and students conceptualize the development of Extensive Air Showers and how they can interact with a ground based water Cherenkov detector.

Because the simulations presented are broadcast resolution movies, some of the pages are very large (~8Mbytes) and can be hard for some older computers to smoothly display. To view these pages use the fastest computer and network connection you have. You also need QuickTime or a compatible plug-in that can process .mov files. If you need help setting up your browser to process the movies look here or select the Help button in the movie pages. If you are running Unix or Linux look here for special setup instructions.

All of the movies are available on a CD. If you would like a permanent copy of the movies on CD, please look here for information.

I hope the following simulations will be both interesting and illuminating.

-Miguel F. Morales