Primary date is March 29th and 30th Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon.
    Rain date (in case of wind, rain) April 5th and 6th.



  • Afternoon Tesla Demonstration at Natomas H.S. in Sacramento
  • 5:00pm Arrival at the Timm Ranch in Vacaville/Dixon
  • 5:30pm Social
  • 6:30pm Outreach 2003 in the Bay Area
    Gordon Spear (GLAST)
    Rachel Dewey (COS / Calspace)
    Andi Erzberger (Quarknet)
    Hartmut Sadrozinski (SCIPP)
  • 8;00pm Dinner
  • 10:00pm Star gazing


  • 8;30am Arrival of H.S. Students
  • 9:00am Breakfast and Introductions
  • 10:00am Student presentations of their balloon experiments done at their individual schools
  • 12:00am Lunch
  • 1:00pm Balloon Launch Competition
  • 4:00pm Return to Ranch
  • 4:30pm Talk on GLAST/Astrophysics
    GLAST (Terry Schalk or Jim Martin)
    Pulsars (Rachel Dewey or Steve Thorsett)
    Antarctic balloon launch (Eric Muhs)
    GLAST Telescope Network (Gordon Spear)
  • 6:30pm Ranch BBQ dinner
  • 8:00pm Award ceremony
  • 8:30pm Ranch night walk and star gazing
  • 10:00pm Students set-up tents, sleeping bags, prepare for the night


  • 7:00am Breakfast
  • 8:00am High Altitude Balloon Flight
  • 12:00am Lunch, Clean-up and Departure

Student rules:

    1. No alcohol, tobacco or drugs of any kind (except coffee and cola).
    2. No ‘ins and outs’ (must stay on premises for duration of weekend).
    3. Students bring their own sleeping-bags.
    4. Permission slips required one month before date.
    5. Adults model expected student behavior as long as students are present.