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GLAST Balloon Flight Retreat 2001
GLAST Balloon Flight Retreat 2002

Hartmut's Pictures: General pictures from through out the retreat. Includes pictures of the balloon launches as well as life from around the ranch.

Aerial Photos 1: Pictures taken from balloons in flight. Compiled by Endeavor Academy, who had students and teachers attended.

Aerial Photos 2: Eric Muhs: Aerial photos sent to SCIPP by Eric Muhs. Includes video presentations of the photos as well as some general pictures from around the Timm Ranch.

Day 1: 1000' Launch: Endeavor Academy photos of the first day of balloon launches, in which students launched many small balloons up to 1000 feet.

Day 2: 5000' Launch: Endeavor Academy photos of the second day of balloon launches, in which a large balloon was sent up to 5000 feet.

Presentation Pictures: Endeavor Academy photos of the students presenting the results of their launches.

Students who attended include: Melanie Silver, Elaine Silver, Peter Oyler, Keith Tennell, Danny Lara, Andrei Radelescu, Rastika Prasad, Blaise Baca, Simon Lim, Alan Montemayor, Mark Llorente, Mike Leto, Ann Mai, Neil Eligado, Felix Lam, Ellis Lau, Ian Tse, John Bartinetti, Chip Keating, Emily Chan, Sam Nyon, and Ohm Srukhosit.
The results are in! Check out what happened during the various experiments completed by the students who attended BalloonFest!

Acceleration Compared to Theory

Pressure, Temperature, and Acceleration at Different Altitudes

Variations in Temperature and Pressure

Temperture and Pressure vs. Altitude

Altitude and Temperature

Dr. James Dann's Balloon Experiment Manual

March 29/30, 2003
Timm Ranch, Vacaville, CA

With participation of the Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics and the UC Santa Cruz Center for Origion Studies.

Several teams of high school students will compete in launching tethered balloons designed to acquire and analyze data.
Scientists from UCSC and the GLAST Mission will be judges and present their view of the gamma-ray sky.

For more information on the event or how to participate, please contact:
Dr. James Dann, Jr.
St. Ignatius Prep School
Mr. James Dann, Sr.
Natomas High School