A SCIPP Presentation

Letters From Kathy Mitani's 4th/5th Grade Class
At Freedom School

October 3, 2001
Dear UCSC professors and friends,
I liked the Tesla Coil. I wish I could learn more about Mr. Tesla and Mr. Edison. I want to go to UCSC.
Sincerely, Sal
I really enjoyed seeing the electricity stuff. This is the first time I ever saw one in my life.
Sincerely, Jordan
I wish we had assemblies like this all the time.
Sincerely, Yaira
I learned a lot of things about electricity. It was really cool.
Sincerely, Sharon
There were some interesting facts that you showed us.
Sincerely, Andrea
Thank you for spending your time with us.
Sincerely, Martin
I really enjoyed the show you guys put on.
Sincerely, Abraham
I liked the part when the girl went into the metal suit.
Sincerely, Veronica
I really enjoyed the Chicken coop part of your presentation.
Sincerely, Christian
I really like the electricity bit.
Sincerely: Andras
I thought my watch was going to attract electricity, but then my teacher told me it wasn’t going to happen.
Sincerely, Ramiro
Thank you for coming to Freedom School.
Sincerely, Reyna
When you turned on the electricity and it didn’t even hurt him I was so amazed!
Sincerely, Lindsay
The Zorro act was really funny and cool especially when he put the sword in the electricity.
Sincerely, Ana
I really enjoyed the part when you guys lit a light bulb with no wires.
Sincerely Jazmin
I would like it if you come and tell us more about the things you do.
Sincerely, Alexandra
Thank You for coming to Freedom School to show us that science in the cafeteria.
Sincerely, Juventino
I thought it was cool when the electricity traveled through the air and turned on the light bulbs.
Sincerely, Krystal
Thank you for coming to show us about electricity.
Sincerely, Fernando
I was amazed by the Tesla Coil.
Sincerely, Carlos
I’d like to learn about electricity.
Sincerely, Lorena