A SCIPP Presentation
Movies from the Tesla Coil Demonstration at
Freedom School, September 21st, 2001
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Brian Keeney Setting-Up the Tesla Coil
Anxious Students Waiting for Show
Dr. Hiroshi Ohyama from Japan
Jacob's Ladder & Freedom Students
Dr. Grillo Explaining Jacob's Ladder
Dr. Sadrozinski as 'Zorro'
Miss Holly Hester as 'The Tin Woman'
Paul Graham in 'The Chicken Coop'
Principal Rasmussen as 'The Tin Man'
Specifics of Show
Presentation: Freedom School/Watsonville
Date: September 21, 2001
Hosts: Mr. B. Rasmussen
Mr. J. Hayes
Ms. Jean Grillo
4th and 5th Grade Teachers:
Ms Mitani, Ms Carlson, Mr Andrijasevich
Ms Giovannis, Ms Kolbeck, Mr Ortega
Ms Covarrubias, Ms Laing, Ms Jeffries
Presenters: Prof Hartmut Sadrozinski - Speaker/Zorro
Dr. Alex Grillo - Speaker
Dr. Charlie Crummer - Speaker
Dr. Hiroshi Ohyama - Tech/Slideshow
Mr. Paul Graham - Speaker/Faraday Cage
Mr. Brian Keeney - Technical
Mr. Edward Hawkins - Video/Web/Coordinator
Ms. Holly Hester - Tin Man/Technical
Mr. B. Rasmussen - Tin Man
# of Demos:
# of Students:
Special Notes:
This demonstration kicked off the school year which according to the principal will concentrate on science. Hartmut was very entertaining as Zorro, Paul Graham was a big hit in the Faraday Cage, and Holly Hester stole the show as the Tin Man.
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