University of California Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics (SCIPP) and Center for Origin Studies (COS)
Sponsored by CalSpace/Space Grant, Quarknet (NSF), and GLAST (NASA)
This was a 2 Week Program
for Middle and HighSchool
Science Teachers
  • Network with: UCSC Scientists, Students, & Fellow Teachers
  • Learn About: Astrophysics and Particle Physics - Cosmic Rays/Gamma Rays - GLAST and Other Space Missions - Scientific Ballooning
  • Get Hands-On Experience with: Launching Your Own Balloon, Data Acquisition Hardware and Software, & Integrating Ballooning into curriculum

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  • Open to 15 Teachers
  • Stipend of $750.00
  • Academic Credit Available

Aerial balloon photos
from the AAPT Conf. at Cal Poly
Image 1 Image 2

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Teachers Launch Trial Balloons
at the April 19th Retreat

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For More Information Send E-mail to:
Hartmut Sadrozinski, SCIPP

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