Following the SCIPP/COS Workshops on ballooning last March (Balloonfest 2003), we are planning a Workshop for teachers to work on data taking with balloons and analysis of this data. We will discuss and improve data analysis of high school students participating in previous balloon fests.

The workshop took place on July 21-25 at the UCSC campus. We are asking Quarknet to fund $300 per teacher stipend and in addition $250 for equipment (yours).

Attendees were:
James Dann, Stuart Briber and Steve Kliewer.

The program was good mixture of details of data analysis, writing lab manuals, planning of future activities and lectures by UCSC scientists. One outcome was the decision to hold the Balloon Fest 2004 in the spring on the UC Santa Cruz campus.

Balloon Experment Manual (doc)
Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
AM Review Baloonfest ‘03
Propose changes to experiments
Plan Balloonfest ‘04 Develop balloon/kite reel-in mechanism Andi Erzberger: lesson on inquirey learning preparation Erik Muhs:
South Pole, Texas balloon project data
PM Talk:
Michael Dine on string theory, supersytmetry
Dr. Woosley (GRB’s)
Trip to Monterey
(Conf. on space radiation effects)
Alex Grillo Re: Atlas Detector
Proton beam imaging:
H. Sadrozinski
Demo: Polyswitch technology
Demo: Labview software